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Ben Pilkington

789 club sòng bài trực tuyếnLiên kết đăng nhậpFeature Writer B.A. (Hons) English Language and Literature, M.St. English Language and Literature
Ben Pilkington is a freelance writer who is interested in society and technology. He enjoys learning how the latest scientific developments can affect us and imagining what will be possible in the future. Since completing graduate studies at Oxford University in 2016, Ben has reported on developments in computer software, the UK technology industry, digital rights and privacy, industrial automation, IoT, AI, additive manufacturing, sustainability, and clean technology. Ben is happiest on a bicycle, loves sleeping in a tent or under the stars, and can’t function properly without coffee.

Articles from Ben

Nanomaterials in Construction: Properties, Performance, and Applications

The exceptional chemical and physical attributes of nanoscale materials offer exciting prospects for a diverse range of applications, including reinforcement of structural integrity, energy conservation, antimicrobial efficacy, and self-cleaning surfaces.

A Closer Look at evolv1: Canada's First Zero-Carbon Building

A three-story office building in Waterloo, Ontario, is the first building to achieve a net-positive energy rating in Canada. The building, evolv1, was designed by the architecture firm Stantec and built by the development company Cora.

The Use of AI in Construction

With broad applications encompassing design, bidding, financing, procurement, operations, asset management, and business model transformation, AI is poised to revolutionize the industry. Potential benefits include mitigating cost overruns, enhancing site safety, streamlining project plan management, and driving productivity growth on worksites.

Bruntwood's New Low-Carbon Timber Building Project

Bruntwood, a Manchester-based developer, has recently obtained planning permission for a groundbreaking £31m mass timber office in Greater Manchester.

Building New Frontiers with Martian Concrete

Scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, recently demonstrated how a novel concrete material using Martian soil and the blood of human astronauts as ingredients could pave the way for future colonization and infrastructure projects on other bodies in our solar system.

The Role of Materials Science in Building Design

Material science plays a fundamental role in building design. From solid foundations like validating mechanical properties to lofty ambitions like developing a sustainable future for the construction industry, materials scientists are at work making buildings more effective, efficient, and sustainable.

A Coral-Inspired Organic Biocomposite to WordStr Portland Cement

Prometheus Materials, a startup commercializing University of Colorado Boulder research, recently began production of a coral-inspired organic biocomposite concrete alternative that could eventually become carbon-negative.

Could our Buildings of the Future Float on Water?

The world’s environment is in crisis. Symptoms of this crisis include rising sea levels and more catastrophic flood events, especially in urban areas. But the human population is still growing, and many regions require significant new constructions. Responding to these challenges, architects and developers are adopting novel methods to create the buildings of the future. This article explores one of these novel methods: floating buildings.

Shigeru Ban's Incredible Paper Tube Structures

Shigeru Ban’s paper tube structures address many pressing questions for architects today. With his international firm, the Japanese architect has been building sustainably with paper, cardboard, and other carefully selected materials since the 1980s.

What to Expect from Studio Gang's NY Natural History Museum Extension

A $383 million extension and renovation project for New York City’s Natural History Museum is nearing completion. The cave-like building, designed by US-based architecture firm Studio Gang, will improve visitor circulation and increase opportunities for public engagement with science.
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