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Reginald Davey

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Reg Davey is a freelance copywriter and editor based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Originally from a small town called Bideford in North Devon, he has been writing for many years now. His first taste of science writing came in 1997, when he entered the Daily Telegraph young science writer of the year competition, with a piece on medical imaging technology.   Following 2 years of an undergraduate microbiology degree at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, he has maintained a healthy interest in the fields of life sciences, microbiology, and biomedical science. In 2011, he took his first steps into the publishing industry, having been a published poet in various online magazines and blogs for a few years previous. Starting with a poetry forum, the venture eventually morphed into an independent publishing company, Dagda Publishing, which released several works of poetry, short fiction, and novels in the time it was active. More recently, he has been working as a freelance proofreader, copywriter, and editor for small businesses and independent authors. Writing for AZoNetwork represents the coming together of various interests and fields he has been interested and involved in over the years.

Articles from Reginald

Drones in Construction Site Surveying and Monitoring

As the construction industry seeks to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety whilst meeting its net zero goals, recent interest in drones in the industry has seen considerable growth.

New Technology Leveraged to Paint Buildings

PaintJet revolutionizes building painting with robotics, AI, and proprietary coatings, delivering efficient, safer, and high-quality services.

The Challenges of Building in Extreme Environments

Architects must take into consideration many different factors when designing buildings. Aside from cost and technical challenges, the specific environment may present architects and engineers with additional issues that can impact the long-term viability of structures and maintenance needs.

What is the Future Homes Standard and What Does it Mean for New Builds?

The push towards net zero is central to the aims of several governments worldwide. Multiple sectors must be rapidly decarbonized, with new energy-efficient and low-carbon technologies key to this endeavor.

How are Aerogels Used in Buildings?

Aerogels are groundbreaking materials in numerous industries. Their unique properties make them suitable for multiple innovative applications, and in recent years, the construction industry’s interest in these materials has accelerated.

The Most Common Uses of Ceramics in Construction

The construction industry uses many different materials, such as concrete, steel, glass, timber, and ceramics, to construct buildings. This article will briefly explore how ceramics are used in construction.

How Sustainable is Steel in Construction?

Construction is a notoriously carbon-intensive industry. Amongst the many materials used in construction, steel is one of the most common, but its production is traditionally one of the most polluting. This article will explore the sustainability of steel in the construction industry.

What is a Digital Twin in Architecture?

The architecture and construction sectors are making use of cutting-edge technological solutions to provide the buildings of the future. Amongst the innovative technologies being leveraged by the sector are digital twins. This article will provide a brief exploration of this subject.

What to Know About Kinetic Architecture

This article will dive into the world of kinetic architecture, explaining what it is and what benefits it can bring and exploring some notable projects in this emerging architectural space.

What to Know About Biodiversity Net Gain and Planning Permissions

Protecting fragile ecosystems and the plants and animals that depend upon them is a critical undertaking that requires forward-thinking legislation at a local, regional, and international level. This article will explore Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) a UK-based initiative that affects planning permission.
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